Willow at the seminar

HeartMath : The Science of the Heart Seminar

A compelling evening demonstrating a deeply practical, radically counter-culture state of being which directly benefits the world at large. including live demonstration and Ceremonial Cacao to facilitate connection with the heart.


The Heart contains a vast network of neural cells. It can act independently of the cranial brain and has extensive sensory capabilities.

The heart emits a large electromagnetic field that alters according to your emotions. It is 10,000 x stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain and physically affects other people, our pets and our environment (for the better or worse!).


Willow will take us through science, meditations and tools from The HeartMath Institute. A research/evidence based organisation that has been measuring and studying the impact of the physical heart on our personal and spiritual capacities for the past 40 years .

You will learn the latest research on our physiology and how we can leverage that to activate our core values.
Including how to change your heart rhythm to change your neurology – to drop cortisol activating the parasympathetic nervous system – creating balanced relaxation.

This is a powerful way to ground your spiritual exploration into a simple, effective practice.

The HeartMath techniques and understanding helps us stay grounded and kind so we can hold steady and do the important work of loving and supporting each other.

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Individual HeartMath and Mindful Self-Compassion Coaching

Designed for: Individuals; Small Groups

Work 1:1 with licenced coach and trainer Willow Francis and embark on a customised deep dive and often surprising understanding into your current stress habits and challenges.

Over one session, several sessions or his 5 week package, you will begin by enhancing your understanding of where you are currently at from a really practical standpoint. Where are you suffering, emotionally reacting, where are you draining energy, where are you feeling stuck?

You will then discuss where the physical heart comes in and why.

We will measure your current capacity to bring yourself into what is called “psychophysiological coherence” – your ability to use the HeartMath tools to bring your mind, body and emotions into a settled and balanced place and give you a plan of action to start making positive change straight away.

Over your session/sessions you will begin to build a solid foundation of tools and techniques that will allow you to make significant changes to the important areas of your life.

You will have support and accountability throughout your time working with Willow.

Give Willow a call on 0415 463 557 or email willow@theskp.com.au to discuss options for supporting your specific challenges and needs.


Heart Hub

Designed for: Individuals wanting to connect with a kindness and care focused community

Practising together, the evidence-based techniques from the HeartMath Institute and the Centre for Mindful Self Compassion.

This is an opportunity to come and experience or re-experience the power of the human heart to bring coherence and balance in a safe, nurturing environment.

A place once a month to be motivated by stories of HeartMath and Self Kindness tools and techniques in action and practical results of using the heart to guide the way.

A half hour deep meditation or Heart Lock in to bring clarity and soothe and nourish the physiology and psyche.

It also provides an opportunity to be re-inspired to practice your emotional self-regulation tools and connect with others with a similar commitment and interest.

Hot drinks and chocolate supplied. $10. See upcoming dates on our Events Calendar

Phoenix HMCT Feb 2016

1-6 Hour Customised Self-Care Training

Designed for: Professional Development; Team Building; Volunteers and Groups


Can include some or all of the following (depending on organisation needs and time frames)

  • Bring your physiology into a state which naturally moves you towards positive self-talk
  • Learn how to be kinder to ourselves when we mess up and to set up positive anchors so that we are better at more consistent self-care
  • Understand the physical mechanics of self-criticism and learn how to intervene to create new healthier habits of response
  • Learn evidence-based tools for developing self-compassion and how to access compassion in difficult situations to solve problems more effectively and with more grace
  • Healthy sleep habits with a plan of action
  • Coherent and authentic communication skills for teams
  • How to manage energy through the day and build energy reserves long term
  • The fundamentals of building emotional, mental and physical resilience
  • Explore how stress can dominate a day if unaware and what that is doing to both our physiology, psychology and performance
  • Understand how simple anchors can be brought into a day to change stress habits and build more resilience as well as sustain energy levels (reduce burnout and fatigue).
  • How to increase feelings of gratitude, appreciation and patience so that they are present more naturally through the day
  • We work with evidence-based techniques
Retreats and Organisations

Retreats and On-going Training for Organisations

Support a positive culture change within your organisation towards more self-care. For the wellbeing and health of each employee, the quality of care and connection within the team as well as deepening the capacity for care and connection with clients.

We can work within your existing framework for training and build skills and our relationship over a longer period of time and through retreat formats

  • Build a set of agreed skills weekly, monthly or quarterly over a set period
  • Contribute to the intentions set for whole retreat – being available throughout
  • Contribute to regular team building and professional development structures
  • Build into your workplace wellness initiatives
  • Bring self-care skills into your new employee induction package

Contact Catherine Francis 0403176633 or Willow Francis 0415463557  or email contact@theskp.com.au 

Individual sessions are also available for HeartMath Training.