The Self-Kindness Project


A vision for a kind, allowing, gentle and supportive society.

Where co-operation is obvious, and a balanced approach to life is revered and encouraged. A pace that allows emotions to walk in tandem with the intellect and in the space between, something greater gently guides the way.

A society that deliberately feeds the seed of deep respect and what blossoms is genuine care, wise and mature compassion and joyful support for the grandest version of each individual.

To see the best in others, the nourish the best in others and to care and hold the light up for others when they stumble and fall.

This is the manifesto of The Self-Kindness Project.


If this vision is made manifest in one, it can, from a solid foundation, be embodied and instigate positive and sustainable change in the whole. We need to learn to overcome our evolutionary negativity bias, manage the fact that we now have larger brains that need to be trained to support us, not cripple us – deliberately, daily and with radical kindness. 

Self-care, self-kindness and self-compassion as the foundation for positive global change.