We offer valuable training for staff in community and government organizations in learning essential strategies for developing self-kindness, self-care and self-compassion. The Self-Kindness Project believes that care, kindness and compassion towards the self are the foundation for positive global change.nd volunteering tend to be more empathetic, self-sacrificing and emotionally sensitive than other people – this makes them perfect for the job, but it also makes them more prone to burn-out, compassion fatigue and self-criticism for not “doing better”.

Willow Francis (emergency room nursing) and Catherine Francis (paediatric disability physiotherapy), the creators of The Self-Kindness Project, are driven to train and educate these highly valued employees to develop the skills of self-kindness, self-care and self-compassion so they can continue their work in a way that is more fulfilling and sustainable long-term.

The Self-Kindness Project is a work in progress. We have a clear vision and we are offering the most up-to-date and empirically validated techniques and education in a way that is human and adaptable.