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The Self-Kindness Project

We offer valuable training primarily focused towards staff and volunteers in not-for-profit and government organisations. We teach evidence-based and methodical practical strategies and for developing self-kindness, self-care and self-compassion – particularly for those working in high stress jobs.
The Self-Kindness Project believes that strategic and consistent care, kindness and compassion towards the self are the foundation for positive change in our community.
We believe that the employees in care-focused organisations need to deliberately develop even MORE capacity for self-care than others due to their inherent personal attributes as well as the nature of working at the often “raw” end of humanity.

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Trainings and Seminars

In all offerings from The Self-Kindness Project, we prioritise working with the most up to date techniques and education that help to people to: bring kindness to themselves when they mess up; build more solidity and stability within themselves as they move through a day so they aren’t as tired and emotionally vulnerable; cultivate a sense of mindfulness and awareness of their ’emotional hygiene’ through a day so that they can catch and mediate self-critical and self-attacking thoughts more quickly; and understand how developing the skill of bringing kindness and care to the self results in better kindness and care to others – helping to foster a kind, compassionate society. See our ‘services’ page for more details.

Would you like our input?

We would love the opportunity to contribute to a positive culture change within your organisation towards more genuine and sustainable self-care.

Building self-care practices
Reducing ongoing stress
Building sustainable energy

Living and acting in alignment
with the heart’s vision for care

Quietening the inner critic
Clearing mental fog
Building self-kindness and compassion

The Self-Kindness Project

Some of the techniques currently used in the project

We are committed to using the most up to date and effective tools, techniques, strategies and education to support care workers, support workers, therapists and volunteers in being healthy, balanced and kind to themselves. They deserve it!

One of the systems of training we use currently is from The HeartMath Institute® – a research based scientifically validated education and training organisation that is committed to positive global change, one heart at a time. Willow and Catherine are leading Australian licensed trainers for these techniques.

HeartMath® programs help to identify stress triggers, learn how to deploy focused techniques designed to reduce emotional stress, change the response to stress and build the capacity for self-care

What participants have reported

We offer affordable training for staff in not-for-profit and government organisations in learning essential strategies for developing self-kindness, self-care and self-compassion.

We would love to hear from you

Please call or email Catherine or Willow to either book one of these services or to discuss your needs.